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We provide high quality and culturally competent mental health and substance misuse services. 

Our Services

Mental Health Skill-Building

Mental Health Skill-Building is a community and home-based service for adults 18 and over with a mental health diagnosis. Services focus on skill-building to manage mental health symptoms and the other areas of a person’s life which have been impacted by symptoms such as: 

Maintaining Physical Health

Our program emphasizes the importance of regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and medical check-ups to ensure individuals achieve optimal physical well-being.

Building Healthy Support

We guide individuals in building genuine connections, nurturing friendships, and fostering a supportive network that plays a vital role in their mental and emotional recovery.

Managing Daily and Household Activities

Through practical strategies and time management skills, participants learn to efficiently handle daily tasks, enhancing their productivity and overall sense of accomplishment.

We provide hands-on assistance in organizing households, offering techniques for effective cleaning, budgeting, and maintaining a safe and comfortable living space.

Connecting To Resources In The Community

Our team actively collaborates with local organizations, ensuring participants have access to essential services, educational opportunities, and community events, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement.

Our team works intensely with individuals to:

Increase Independence

We empower individuals with the skills and confidence needed to make independent decisions, encouraging self-reliance and personal growth.

Maintain Stability

Our program offers a structured environment, stability-focused therapy, and reliable support systems, aiding individuals in finding equilibrium amidst life’s challenges.

Optimize Wellness

Through holistic approaches, we address mental, physical, and emotional well-being, ensuring individuals experience a balanced and fulfilling life, enhancing their overall quality of life.

Intensive In-Home

Intensive In-Home (IIH) Services is a comprehensive, home-based counseling service for children/adolescents under the age of 21 and their families. Counseling includes: 

Individual Sessions With Your Child

Our experienced therapists conduct personalized one-on-one sessions, tailoring the counseling approach to address your child’s specific needs, fostering a trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship.

Family Counseling

Through family counseling sessions, we create a safe space for open dialogue, facilitating understanding and harmony within the family unit, nurturing stronger connections and resolving conflicts effectively.

Coordination With Other Professionals Involved

We actively engage with a network of professionals, such as educators and healthcare providers, ensuring a unified approach to your child’s well-being, utilizing diverse expertise to provide comprehensive and holistic support.

The goal is to address issues such as depression, anxiety, substance misuse, self-injurious behaviors, aggression, defiance,
and more.

Additionally, your counselor can work with your family on:

Healthy Communication Skills

We guide families with expert support, ensuring they navigate challenges with confidence and clarity. Through tailored exercises, families learn to express emotions openly, fostering understanding and empathy.

Establishing Household Expectations

Clear guidelines promote a harmonious home environment, establishing routines that nurture stability and security.

And More

Our comprehensive approach addresses unique family needs, providing tailored solutions that foster growth, resilience, and positive change.

Your counselor will work with your family to implement a crisis prevention plan and will be available 24/7 to respond in crisis situations.

Crisis Stabilization & Intervention Services

These services are for adults (ages 18 and up), to provide direct mental health care to non-hospitalized individuals experiencing an acute crisis of a psychiatric nature that may jeopardize their current community living situation or which puts them at risk of psychiatric hospitalization. These services can be provided to individuals in a safe, private location in the community or in their home. The goals of these services are to:

Avert Hospitalization or Re-Hospitalization

Our proactive approach aims to prevent hospital stays, ensuring individuals receive appropriate care in familiar and supportive surroundings.

Provide Normative Environments
We create safe spaces that offer stability and protection, ensuring individuals feel secure and supported during moments of crisis. We provide a high assurance of safety and security for crisis intervention
Stabilize Individuals In Psychiatric Crisis

Our skilled professionals work diligently to stabilize individuals, providing immediate intervention and personalized care to manage psychiatric crises effectively.

Mobilize Resources For On-Going Support

We actively engage with the community, families, and various resources, uniting efforts to provide a robust support system for individuals in need. Our commitment extends beyond crisis intervention; we offer continuous support, focusing on maintenance and rehabilitation to help individuals achieve lasting stability and well-being.

Substance Misuse Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP)

This program is an intensive day treatment option for adults dually diagnosed with chemical addiction disorders and co-occurring major mental health illnesses. The curriculum incorporates: 

Chemical Addiction Treatments

Our program integrates evidence-based approaches like Twelve Step facilitation and Motivational Interviewing, ensuring effective strategies tailored to each individual’s needs.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills

Participants learn essential DBT skills, fostering emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance, empowering them to navigate challenging situations with resilience and confidence.

Other Cognitive and Behavioral Health Approaches

We incorporate various cutting-edge therapies and techniques, promoting cognitive restructuring and behavioral modification, offering diverse tools to support individuals in their recovery journey effectively.

This service is provided to members who do not require the intensive level of care of inpatient, residential, or partial hospitalization services but require more intensive services than outpatient services. The program meets:
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Duration: 3 hours a day for 12 – 16 weeks with two time slots available: 
    • 10:00 am to 1:00 pm or
    • 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

This highly structured and time-limited PHP for substance misuse treats individuals seeking recovery. The program adopts the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria and treatment principles specific to the partial hospitalization level of
care. It is staffed by certified nursing staff and certified substance misuse counselors. The program is designed to create positive changes in the home and social settings by recognizing underlying factors that may be contributing to the issue.

We accomplish this via services and interventions including:

Daily Progress Meetings

Daily meetings between the patient and our exceptional staff to identify symptoms and goals. Goals will be adjusted over time as symptoms improve.

Discharge Planning and Resource Identification

Our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients to ensure seamless discharge planning and resource identification, providing comprehensive support as individuals transition into their continued journey of recovery.

Family Meetings

Meetings with families and our team to provide education on creating a healthy support system.

Individualized, Self-Directed Assignments

These self-directed patient assignments are focused on relapse prevention, self-discovery and insights into behavior.

Introduction To Community Recovery Support

We introduce the patient into community recovery support programs including 12-step programs, Mental Health Skill-Building Meetings with assigned clinicians to identify strengths, needs and available support

Medication Management

Only as appropriate, while alongside health education
Patient-centered goal setting and treatment planning

Psychiatric Evaluation

Our experienced clinicians conduct thorough psychiatric evaluations, ensuring accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans that address individuals’ mental health needs comprehensively.

Structured Group Therapy

These highly structured group therapy sessions are focused on education, awareness and recovery principles

This program operates Monday to Thursday from 9am to 2:30pm.

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